da Lunedì, 20 Novembre 2023 a Venerdì, 24 Novembre 2023

Erasmus+ Short-term mobility - How can the sea become a bond, rather than a barrier?

Aula Barbieri, Dipartimenti di Agraria

This Erasmus+ Short-term mobility entitled “How can the sea become a bond, rather than a barrier?” is made in collaboration with the University of the Azores (Portugal), the Burgas Free University (Bulgaria), Université Le Havre Normandie (France), the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia) and the University of the Faroe Islands (Denmark).

The 5-day event includes:

  • an opening ceremony
  • a 2-day Hackathon
  • a social day
  • a closing ceremony

For further information, please contact the Mobility and International Relations Office, eualliance@uniss.it

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